Old School – St. Paul Marketing Expert’s Approach to Client Relations

With all the new bells and whistles of social media, there are times we may get lost and forget that the human touch in marketing is still the real powerhouse. Some of you may remember these simple devices – pen and paper.

Yes, I still use them and often – to write thank you notes to my clients and associates. I know, this may be somewhat of a foreign concept in a day and age with tweets, +1’s, likes and dislikes… but you know, there is still something very magical about a handwritten, post-office-delivered note that appears on anyone’s desk. It shows that I took the time and effort to craft a personal message that wasn’t just a canned-response message, like “thank you for your business”. And it doesn’t appear on a stress-filled screen sent through the interwebs. It is personal—and it matters—because business is personal on ALL levels.

There is a human connection we make in every business deal.

We need to respect the relationships we make with each other and never take them for granted. We need to be appreciative of the connections we make and ensure that we give them the respect they deserve. Now, does that mean we can’t use technology to connect with and engage with people in a personal way? Of course not. But there is nothing like getting back to “old school basics” when it comes to showing people that they matter to us.

To really check the pulse of a client or prospect, we need to spend quality, one-on-one time with them. We all need to understand and remember the true power of our relationships

This is as much a reminder for me, as anyone!


All The Best… Always! 


Louis Foussard, Owner
TopSpots Marketing / Internet Marketing St. Paul 


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